Presso lo Studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. sede di Roma è attivo un supporto di CONSULENZA PSICOLOGICA con specializzazione nelle tematiche della famiglia.

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The Law Firm studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. was established as a Partnership in 2004 by Attorney Prof. Alfredo Galasso, Attorney Prof. Giuseppina Palmeri and Attorney Licia D’Amico, following ten years of prior professional collaborations at individual and associate levels.

From its offices in Palermo and Rome, Studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. carries out its professional activity throughout Italy.


About us


Studio Legale Galasso S.T.P. has continuing and constant collaborations with other law professionals and law firms in Italy and abroad, thus guaranteeing judicial and extrajudicial assistance to uphold the Rights of whoever is looking for justice.

Areas of expertise

Through the professional experience and specific areas of expertise of each Associate, combined with the use of pennanent collaborations, Studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. provides legaI services in the following core areas of practice:
• Criminal defense and representing. Provides legaI counseling, represents appeal and accusation, act as criminal defender or representative and participates in litigation with c1ient’s authorization.
• Civil disputes resolution.Represents clients of all types of civil cases in participating in litigation or dealing with civillegal affaires (bargaining, compensation and other issues).
• Famiiy and Child Law.Provides legaI services in family-related issues and domestic relations including: marriage, domestic partnerships, spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, child abuse, and chiId abduction , divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, and parental responsibility orders (child custody, visitation, child support awards).
• Labour Law. Represents clients of labour disputes in arbitration and litigation.
• Arbitration. Represents clients of all types of arbitration cases in participating in arbitration.
• Real Estate. Provides legaI services inc1uding intennediation, witnessing and representation in real estate development, mortgage, project contracting, presale, sale and management.
• Antidumping. Provides antidumping legaI services for domestic and international enterprises or other organizations.
• Environment protection. Provides legaI assistance on environment protection, matters and legaI services in resolving environment protection disputes.
• MedicaI dispute. Provides legaI services for the protection of the patient’s rights and of the right to health.
• Protection of name and reputation (journalistic and broadcast media information).
• IndustriaI Property Right and Intellectual Property.
• Bankruptcy
• Banking and Company Law.
• Taxation Law
• Law of Succession.