Presso lo Studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. sede di Roma è attivo un supporto di CONSULENZA PSICOLOGICA con specializzazione nelle tematiche della famiglia.

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Prof. Alfredo Galasso is the author of a large number of specialist publications on Civil Law, Commercial Law and Banking Law. Among his other publications, he recently published the hypertextual Manual of Private Law (ed. Zanichelli, 2003), a volume of the Scialoja-Branca Commentary dedicated to the Family Patrimonial System (Regime patrimoniale della famiglia; ed. Zanichelli 2003), and the volume “The Commodatum” for the Treatise of Civil and Commerciai Law, Cicu -Messineo (ed. Giuffr√®, 2004).

He generally deals with disputes relating to the fulfillment and rescission of contracts, and the consequent issues of compensation, also participating in arbitration proceedings as an Arbiter as well as a Defender of disputing parties.