Presso lo Studio Legale Galasso s.t.p. sede di Roma è attivo un supporto di CONSULENZA PSICOLOGICA con specializzazione nelle tematiche della famiglia.

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Attorney Prof. Pina Palmeri

Attorney Prof. Giuseppina Palmeri is a Professor of Private Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Palermo.
She also teaches at the Postgraduate School far Legal Professions, and she carries out teaching and coordination activities for the Masters in Legal Psychology at the Law Faculty and the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Palermo.
She has participated in several conferences and seminars on Civil and Family Law as an invited speaker, with special reference to fundamental rights, such as the right to health and of minors.
She is the author of recent publications relating to Family and Child Law, as well as Commercial Law. Her last publication was dedicated to “Family Enterprise”, in Scialoja-Branca Commentary (Ed. Zanichelli, 2004).
She is member of the ltalian Society of Scholars of Civil Law (Società Italiana degli Studiosi di Diritto Civile, SISDIC).